How to hire an attorney


These are qualities of a good lawyer.

My competency as a skilled trial attorney is recognized by judges, attorneys, and clients.  Opposing counsel know that I go to court prepared to win—-a fact that encourages settlements.

My personal reputation as a likable person results from the fact that I treat all parties with respect, and involve my clients in problem solving.  Fair-mindedness leads to faster resolutions.

My knowledge and experience allow me to move quickly through cases, which saves clients’ money.  At the conclusion of your case, I want you to have the resources you need to go forward with your life.

I think a “super-lawyer” is one who gets a good result, not one who pays for industry endorsements.  As a small firm, we give our undivided attention to each client.  I have been part of a larger firm and believe that for most clients, a small firm can be more efficient, effective and affordable.

Use the internet to locate helpful resources but beware of paid-directories and other exclusive search vehicles.  Lawyers who buy advertising are not necessarily the best attorneys.  When you find attorneys who interest you, talk with them.  The time you invest in personally interviewing an attorney is well-spent.

Changing lawyers

You always have the right to seek a second opinion, or to change lawyers.  Some clients skip from one lawyer to another hoping to find someone who will tell them what they want to hear.  My job is to tell you what the law is, and what you can reasonably hope to achieve.


“Donald Armstrong is kind and approachable.  Stacy McRae, his legal assistant was also a joy to work with.”—Jeanne