Elder divorce

Separation and divorce for seniors

Divorce happens to people of all ages.  I take special care with seniors to make sure they are clear about what they want—-not what their children or someone else is trying to convince them to do.  

Sometimes people fail to act because they do not know a Family Law attorney, are ill, or find it difficult to travel. Since your legal work will be processed in Eugene at the Lane County Courthouse, it may be most economical to have a Eugene-based attorney even if you live far from Eugene.  To explore options for scheduling a meeting in Florence, Blue River or other outlying areas, contact us at 541.686.2425.

Senior clients are often concerned about:

  • wealth management that allows them to travel and enjoy life
  • wills, estate planning or probate
  • sale of their homes or other real estate
  • making financial gifts to children
  • advance health care directives
  • having enough money to pay for medications and health care
  • maintaining their independence.

Unfortunately, as we age we become vulnerable to people and who may be acting in their own self interest.  Adult children may encourage divorce in order to protect an inheritance.  Sometimes children fear for their parent’s safety and want to remove them from a dangerous situation.

My job is to sort out motivations and to give you legal guidance with the understanding that sometimes the decisions we make later in life are purely emotional ones. Together, we will find the answers to give you peace of mind.