Military families

Military families

I represent retired military personnel, as well as those on active duty.  Divorce is a bit more complicated for military families.  Divorce actions must comply with the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act.  A divorce action can be started even if one of the parties is out-of-state on military assignment.

Where to file

You may file for divorce in Lane County if one of you has been a resident of Lane County, Oregon for six months. There must be a basis for Oregon courts to exercise power over your spouse if his/her contact with the state is limited.

Military pensions—Veterans Administration, SS disability

Your military pension may be your largest asset.  Unlike disability payments, the pension can be divided.  However, the monthly income you receive from the Veterans Administration or Social Security disability are part of monthly income that will be considered when calculating alimony or spousal support.  To ensure that your benefits are not reduced or terminated, contact us for guidance.

Military security clearance

Protect your credit rating during divorce so that your security clearance is not compromised.  Contact us for guidance to ensure your credit rating is not compromised.


A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) defines how pensions and retirement accounts are divided.  Given our priority of protecting your assets, we utilize an expert to help prepare the order.

Child custody and support

Oregon courts favor giving one parent custody, while the other parent pays child support and receives visitation rights.  Parenting plans can be difficult to enforce given frequent relocations, deployments and fluctuations in military compensation.  I can help you negotiate a plan that assures access to your children.

Donald K. Armstrong, Retired Army Security