Preventing abuse

Abuse and family violence

Abusive behavior that is allowed to continue can lead to serious violence within a family.  To learn more about abuse, visit the Womenspace website .

If your spouse is prone toward anger, it is best to avoid direct communications and to allow your attorney to speak on your behalf.  Some attorneys tend to bully the other side to intimidate them.  I do not find that helpful to families.  I advocate for my client’s interests in a respectful but firm manner, always trying to move the other side toward reasonable positions.

Oregon’s Family Abuse Prevention Act speaks to:

  • physical, verbal or emotional abuse and threats
  • child abuse
  • elder abuse
  • financial or economic abuse
  • restraining orders or stalking orders
  • sexual abuse and assault.

Child abuse

Professionals who suspect that a child is being abused must report the suspected abuse to the proper authorities. There is no question that people sometimes unjustly claim abuse in order to gain the upper hand.  If you are accused of abusing a child, seek immediate legal representation.

Stalking order, restraining order

Filing a Restraining Order is a serious matter.  After a request is filed, a hearing may be held to determine if a threat really exists.  The order remains effective only if it is approved by the court.  If you have a legitimate concern that an angry spouse may harm you, I will help you file a Restraining Order. I recommend removing guns from the home, securing the home, and taking precautions to protect yourself and your children.

Unfounded accusations, frivolous abuse claims

Stalking Orders and Restraining Orders are serious matters that can affect your ability to see your children or win custody.  If you are accused of violating such an order, it will be recorded on your criminal history, thereby potentially affecting future employment.  You can also be jailed.  If you are innocent but do not refute the Order, you are compromising your future.