Your financial future

“Simply put, my job is to protect what you have worked so hard for.”

Your financial future

Let’s talk about your money.  Divorce is expensive, but there is no reason to sink the ship.

You hire a lawyer to protect yourself financially.  But sometimes professionals use poor judgment when faced with the task of dividing assets.  If assets and investments are divided in a way that substantially erodes family wealth, it can affect your credit rating and force bankruptcy.

A better path is to structure mutually beneficial agreements to protect as much of the family wealth and earning power as possible.  This is especially true when couples want to provide for the education and care of their children.

I understand the business side of divorce.  For the first 15 years of my law career I focused my attention on real estate and business law.   Especially in high net worth divorce, I utilize professional experts to provide forensic research and expert testimony on the value of property, tax consequences and the long-term impact of the choices before you.

Oregon courts divide marital property on an “equitable basis,” not equally 50/50. What is equitable has more to do with persuasion than rights.  People going through divorce are living in the moment.  I try to persuade my clients, and judges, to adopt long-term strategies to protect assets.  To learn more about protecting your business, pension, real estate investments, partnerships and real property, please make an appointment to speak with me in person.

Hidden assets

It is surprising how often a spouse does not know how much, or how little, they have. I determine if there are hidden assets including off-shore accounts, false documents, shielded business income, illegal transactions, loans or inside sales. I have been able to preserve businesses and win custody for clients whose spouses engaged in fraudulent practices.

What We Can Do To Protect Your Interests:

  • arrange for professional QDRO filings to divide pensions
  • structure settlements to protect your PERS pension or other retirement benefits
  • reduce debt and preserve your credit rating
  • keep spousal and child support to a level you can afford
  • obtain the resources you need to gain training and education
  • protect your family-owned business
  • provide you with health insurance and long-term care
  • avoid unnecessary taxes
  • provide for the future care of your children including college, orthodontics, music lessons, sports, travel, and other opportunities
  • protect equity
  • retain separately held property and inheritances
  • give you a financial cushion in case you become unemployed
  • shield valuable collections of art, antiques, vintage vehicles
  • protect your family home or vacation property
  • increase your award if your spouse has been spending marital assets on a lover
  • allow you to retire.